Gymnastics From A Gymnast


Posted in Uncategorized by fireandicegymnast on December 29, 2008

Every week I am doing montage of the week. For 1 month I will do the SAME country with DIFFERENT gymnasts. On the last week I will show a montage as that country with a group of gymnasts. After I do some of the countrys I might change to something like Olympic AA champoins for a month with a montage of some of them at the end. Anyways please comment what you think I should do after I do some countries.


Okay I thought that for the first month I thought I would do the team that won the 2008 olympics! So my montage of the week is …

Cheng Fei Montage by. domperrier

Just a little bit about her

Cheng Fei is a Chinese gymnast with many wins. She is amazing on vault and floor. At the olympics she recieved a bronze medal on vault,a bronze medal on beam and a gold with her team. She has also recieved many world medals.

Stay tuned for next week as we watch a montage about …

Jiang Yuyuan!


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