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I am late with this blog  I mean I couldn’t review the olympics but I can tell you what I think fo the results so this is just a catch up! ALSO these are just opinions! MY opinions. If you do not agree that is okay. Just please dont post messages like.

Your stupid because you like nastia

and stuff like that. If you disagree you can post it NICELY like

I think Shawn deserved to win and Nastia deserved second



1. I felt so bad for Samantha Peszek. She was great at vault and floor and she injured herself AT the olympics. She could only compete bars and bars was her worst event. Samantha deserved a better olympics.

2. With the U.S.A. only having 4 people compete on certain events I thought they did realy good.

3. NASTIA LIUKIN!!!!!!!! Was SO amazing! She fell on bars(not the amazing part) but still made it to finals!

4. Alicia… Why why why. She didn’t make it to floor finals(you know that already) She could ahve won a medal on floor. Maybe even a gold medal! (Yes Sandra Izbaza won but getting to that later)


1. China did deserve to win and they had beautiful gymnastics yet I wanted the U.S.A. to win they really deserved it.

2. U.S.A was not at their best. I wish Alicia could have a second chance.

3. Go Romania!

4. Though (no offense to Romania) I kinda wanted Russia to get the bronze medal.


Where to begin

1. NASTIA LIUKIN WON! I was rooting for her all along. I remember watching her and every time she did a skill(especially beam) I was like dont fall dont fall! To all you Nastia haters she deserved it!! Yet I am not a Shawn hater.

2. Shawn Johnson got second. I believe that was the right place for her.

vault final:

1. Oksana Chusovitna  deserved that medal!

2. I believe the scoring was wrong here. Why? Because Cheng Fei fell and still got a medal.

3. I think Alicia deserved that bronze medal.

4. ANNA PAVLOVA 0!!!!!!!!!!! 😦

Bars Final

1. Nastia and He should have gotton the gold! I understand that the rules for the tie and such but still. I thought that was pretty unfair on Nastia’s part.

2. I thought Yang should have gotton the gold. Her routine was almost perfect. Though I was rooting for Nastia.


floor final

1. SANDRA had  BEAUTIFUL routine!
2.  Nastia got a floor medal! Yay!

3. Shawn got silver. Funny thing is worlds she got first then aa worlds she got first and then silver at the olympics.

4. Cheng fell! She could have gotton a medal.

beam final

1. Nastias routine was beautiful

2. Shawn please dont EVER wave your finger around the next time you win.


Nastia winning gold!


The injuries(Samantha,Chellsie)

The endings of the olympics for Anna Pavlova and Alicia)

thanks for reading!


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