Gymnastics From A Gymnast

Gymnastics montages!

Posted in Uncategorized by fireandicegymnast on December 29, 2008

I will post some different montage of a certain gymnast or group of gymnasts. This time the gymnast is Nastia Luikin!

Montage 1  Nastia Liukin-Defying Gravity by. BravaExpressions

Montage 2 Nastia Liukin-7 Things by. Asy1995

Montage 3 Nastia Liukin-Destiny by. Gymnast530

Montage 4 Nastia Liukin. Montage. So She Dances… Part 2. by. Ashleyakaflipper

Montage 5 Nastia Liukin-I’ll Catch You by. Horsegirl04

Please watch these montages and then vote in the poll!


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